Alphabet of Human Bones

The human bones are primary reinforcement of the human body. In total the human body has 206 bones, their main function are to support the body’s structure.

Alphabet of Human Bones

Latin Os, all the bones in the human body form the human skeleton and muscles along with creating a system for moving bodies. The skeleton of a human being is a unique structure that is adapted to the needs  of twolegs movement and upright posture.

Human bones can not operate independently and are therefore associated joints and muscles, so the body can run at up to 45 km / h. The bones are solid and strong, hollow inside, so they are not heavy and are only 14% of our total body weight (lighter than muscle). The bones are not dead matter in our body, so when it breaks renewed. In addition to calcium, which makes the main mineral in bone composition, 10 percent of bone substance is water.

Build Bones

Human bones consists of several parts: bone tissue (solid and spongy), cartilage, periosteum, bone marrow. Solid bone tissue is pergamenata whit cannels surrounding by bone cells, which secrete in their gap calcium and phosphorus that gives bones strength. Therefore the constant need to consume food and drink rich with these minerals in order to maintain bone strength. Cartilage is a flexible supplement to the bones, whose main function is to reduce friction in the joints. Spongy bone tissue is filled with small cavities or mottled pillars that make bones strong but not too heavy. Periosteum surrounds the bone growth and strongly to it. It was made of a special connective tissue. Bone marrow is the tube cavity of long bones and cavities are filled with spongy tissue, bone marrow, which produces most of the blood cells.

Did you know?

  • The smallest bone in the human body is the stirrup, which is located in the ear, is only 3 mm long
  • The hand consists of 54 bones, including joints
  • The only bone that is fully grown is the ear
  • People are born with 300 bones in  their body, but in old age have only a 206, cause it is incorporating some bone
  • The human face is made up of 15 bones
  • The nails of the fingers grow 4 times faster than toenails
  • The thigh bone is stronger than concrete
  • Femur, which is the longest and strongest bone in the body, is hollow


Osteoporosis -- the most common bone disease

As already pointed out calcium is the most important ingredient for the normal development of healthy human bones and maintain its strength. Sufficient intake of calcium affects the construction of the highest possible amount of bone mass, and whit age instrumental in slowing the loss of it.

The most common bone disease is osteoporosis. The bones, which were strong,  become brittle due to osteoporosis and brittle. The movements, which should be normal, may, in patients with osteoporosis, easily lead to fractures. Most people do not know, to have osteoporosis until a bone is not broken.

Osteoporosis is characterized by loss of bone mineral density that causes bone weakness. The bones are permanently break down and rebuild. After thirty bone is gradually lost. If this loss becomes pronounced, it can cause a condition called osteoporosis. The bones become thin and brittle. Women lose bone faster performance menopause, when it begins to decrease levels of female sex hormone, estrogen.

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