Become A Personal Trainer – Specialize in the Anatomy of Human Body

If you want to be an athletic trainer, or simply interested in sports, or teaching people the right ways to exercise to avoid injuries or recover from injuries & illness, then you need to have a passion for sports and health care. Not only that, you should also have Bachelor’s Degree in athletic training or any Sports science, or better yet a Graduate Degree and specializes in the Anatomy of human body, biology, human skeletal system, physiology , strength training, care of injuries, proper exercises, kinesthetics, biomechanics, nutrition, & other professional skills.

anatomy of human

There are some private companies that will require you to undergo a clinical training. By the way, if you really wanted to pursue a career here, then make sure that the program that you will be taking is accredited by CAATE – Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education. Why? This is a requirement and will make you eligible to take the licensing exam. As of this writing, there are 350 accredited training programs here in the United States. To practice an athletic trainer or a fitness trainer, one must be licensed by the BOC Board of Certification, Inc. and here are their exam requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from a CAATE-accredited athletic training program
  • An endorsement letter from the Program Director of your training program school
  • You need to have a passing grade on the exam

Before you become an athletic or a fitness trainer, you will learn lots of thing during your school years, and the topics that you will cover include human anatomy and physiology, body organs, human skeletal system,and etc..It is a school profession I must say as you will find yourself working with athletes, professional players, sportsmen, employees in an industrial company, and patients in a rehab center.

There are many job opportunities in this field of business. You can have an employment with a sports park or arena, high school or college, private industry, or in a sports team.

Nowadays, athletic trainers are in demand, professional sports teams rely heavily on them and are always in the look out for athletic trainers who will help them during their training practices, games, help them prepare for their sport , and of course to take care of their players’ injuries.

Colleges, Universities, and High schools need athletic trainers to educate their athletes as well as their students on proper exercise, sports practices, prevent stress disorders, and anatomy of human body 101. Physicians also need fitness or personal trainers because they provide a customized and effective exercise for their patients, as well as physical fitness plans for those people with health problems.

Hospitals & healthcare facilities now rely on fitness or athletic trainers to help them with the rehabilitation of their patients who have sustained injuries. Even, industrial managers are rely on fitness or athletic trainers to prevent such work-related injuries. Just a reminder, you should also have have good people skills to become successful in this field. Not only that, you should also have a, strong sense of responsibility, for you to be able to handle emergency situations.

The good news is that in this field, you can expect a much faster-than-average growth rate for the next couple of years, especially in schools, recreational centers, as well as in the hospitals. Just to give you a heads up, the average annual salary in this profession is roughly around $44,050. Experienced trainers or those with higher degrees may earn more, and the pay scale varies by geographic region.

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