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What is Tuberculosis?

Tubercles Bacillus, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis or TB as it is known primarily,  is a very deadly and contagious disease. Research states that it kills on an average more than two million sufferers on a yearly basis. However,  if detected at an early stage and with proper medication it can be completely cured. It predominantly affects the [...]

About Human Body Systems

Human as a creation of God’s most precious is continuously researched as a living system called human body system. This effort is being attempted due to the fact that humans fundamentally are social beings, proven by the diseased conditions and the recovery efforts themselves. To research the anatomy as a human body system and prevent [...]

Understanding Regenerative Medicine by Dr. Rachna Mehra

There are a lot of things that people can benefit from regenerative medicine. In fact, this type of treatment helps people experience faster and better healing processes. The different techniques and technologies used in regenerative medicine creates a good environment that enables dead or damaged body tissues to regrow and regenerate into something that is [...]

How To Master the Anatomy of Human Body and Physiology

If you really want to master the Anatomy of Human Body and Physiology then you should remember these 3 things. First, If you already have a job- then you need to quit it to be able to focus on this new career path. Next, expect to be sleepless in days, weeks, even months. And lastly, [...]

Become A Personal Trainer – Specialize in the Anatomy of Human Body

If you want to be an athletic trainer, or simply interested in sports, or teaching people the right ways to exercise to avoid injuries or recover from injuries & illness, then you need to have a passion for sports and health care. Not only that, you should also have Bachelor’s Degree in athletic training or [...]


Tuberculosis, often called TBC, is chronic bacterial infection that can spread through lymph nodes and bloodstream to any human organ, but generally it catches lungs. An active bacterium corrodes a tissue of the infected organs which can be deadly. After entering the organism, microorganisms stay inactive which means that with therapy, most infected people never [...]

Liver cancer

Liver is a human organ that has huge importance. Its responsible fur functions crucial to life. It is one of the largest organs and certainly the heaviest. Liver constantly filters the blood that circles the body. It changes nutrition ingredients and medicine absorbed in digestive tract into chemical substance ready to usage. Liver also eliminates [...]

Alcohol’s Effects on Human Organs

Symptoms connected with alcohol abuse: temporary dizziness, memory loss, fights with family members, constant use of alcohol for relaxation, drinking to feel normal, broken face capillary, shaky hands, headache, and insomnia, and sickness, constant diarrhea, drinking alone, in the morning and secretly. Excessive amount of alcohol is poisonous for body systems and human organs and [...]


Alternative medicine sees health as a balance between different systems in human body, mental, emotional and spiritual, physical as well. All aspects are interconnected – it’s a principle called holism which means state of wholeness or completeness. It’s considered that every dissonance presents stress for organism and can lead to illness. In illness prevention, alternative [...]

Spinal Cord

The spinal cord is a part of a human organs system that is the most important path for information that connects peripheral nervous system and the brain. Along with the brain, spinal cord is central part of somatic and autonomic nervous system. The spinal cord is shaped like a cylindar tape, about 45 centimeter long [...]