How To Master the Anatomy of Human Body and Physiology

If you really want to master the Anatomy of Human Body and Physiology then you should remember these 3 things. First, If you already have a job- then you need to quit it to be able to focus on this new career path. Next, expect to be sleepless in days, weeks, even months. And lastly, say goodbye to your friends, and to your social life. I am not kidding you know. If you really want to master human anatomy you should be patient, and really focus on your goals.
All in all, there are more than 2,001 body parts and you need to learn all about them, where those parts are, and how they relate to the other body parts, etc. There’s no shortcut in mastering the human anatomy. You need an overwhelming amount of materials and you need to study it in a short amount of time.
The biggest mistake I notice that students make is their study habits. Why? They rely heavily on their reading materials and spend lots of their time reading instead of actually learning it. Reading is not actually learning you know and it is just a form of learning- passive learning. It is just like reading a “how to drive a car” book, and yes it makes sense but you won’t be able to drive a car until you get behind the wheel and practice driving, am I right?!

Anatomy of Human Body and Physiology

So, how do you start driving in the Anatomy of Human Body and Physiology? Well.. what you need to learn about active learning, writing, speaking, and drawing. Here are some reminders:

  1. Firstly, Read the chapters. You must comprehend the material before you start memorizing each of the body parts. Do not read, skim through all the topics, and highlight certain words – believe me it’s just a waste of time.
  2. Do not plan on rewriting certain topics or the whole chapter in your own words. Just focus more on key concepts in human body oarts, or relationships for the physiology.
  3. Old school learning such as use of Flashcards for definitions. Remember the flashcards that you use when you’re still young. It’s indeed very helpful. You can write the Main topic or Word on the front, and the definition or the meaning on the back. You can also replace the main topic or word on the front by pictures.
  4. Share your knowledge and teach it to someone else, as it is a proven method of learning where all your ideas will really stick to your brain if you will share it with others.
  5. Use online resources like Google, and You Tube. Let’s say you can’t understand a certain concept. You can look for a You Tube video for visual tools. Just choose the ones with the most views!
  6. Practice makes perfect. Study well, and make up your own questions. If you feel that your knowledge in the anatomy of human body is not enough, study more, practice! Have faith in yourself! You can do this.
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