Replacing Human Organs with 3D Printer



Did you ever think about what if your desktop printer used living cells instead of inkjet droplets? What would happened then, what would you print?

The answer would be body parts, human organs, to change the irreparably damaged ones that you or your loved ones may have. It would be a great, right?

A 3-D ( three-dimensional ) printer is authoritative strides against that goal. There is informations on the internet that describes the work that scientists are doing in the area of three-dimensional bioprinting, a small subset of the greater field of tissue engineering.

Reports by Bonnie Berkowitz :

In laboratories all over the world, experts in chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering are working on many paths toward an audacious goal: to print a functioning human liver, kidney or heart using a patient’s own cells.

That’s right — new organs, to go. If they succeed, donor waiting lists could become a thing of the past.


Tony Atala, director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina, envisions what he calls “the Dell computer model,” where a surgeon could order up “this hard drive, with this much memory …,” only he or she would be talking about specs for living tissue rather than electronics.

We are still on the long road, few decades, before we can start running off a new kidney or liver for patient. But in a feat that sounds like it was taken straight from a SF script, scientists have already printed skin, cartilage-like tissue, vertebral disks and other things like that…Even more amazing or rather incredibly, they have successfully implanted them into living organisms.

Watch this video :


Human organs with a complicated vascular system are one more challenge in entirety.

But the earliest human trials for printed replacement parts are expected in tree to four years. Wich tells us that the potential for the technology is very good,breathtaking. ;)

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