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How To Master the Anatomy of Human Body and Physiology

If you really want to master the Anatomy of Human Body and Physiology then you should remember these 3 things. First, If you already have a job- then you need to quit it to be able to focus on this new career path. Next, expect to be sleepless in days, weeks, even months. And lastly, [...]


Alternative medicine sees health as a balance between different systems in human body, mental, emotional and spiritual, physical as well. All aspects are interconnected – it’s a principle called holism which means state of wholeness or completeness. It’s considered that every dissonance presents stress for organism and can lead to illness. In illness prevention, alternative [...]

Journey Inside the Human Body

Modern medicine knows many methods with which to explore the human body. Over time they have developed sophisticated machines that take pictures inside the human body, giving us incredible images of certain organs, sometimes in 3D format. Depending on the area of medicine using the different methods by which we understand the overall picture of [...]

The Human Body – Miracle of Nature

We are all heard about the world’s largest natural wonders. What actually is the greatest miracle of nature? Answer is the human body. Our body is a perfect blend of muscle, tissue, bones, cells that give people superiority over other living world. The human body is the most perfect mechanism. Each and every atom in [...]