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Become A Personal Trainer – Specialize in the Anatomy of Human Body

If you want to be an athletic trainer, or simply interested in sports, or teaching people the right ways to exercise to avoid injuries or recover from injuries & illness, then you need to have a passion for sports and health care. Not only that, you should also have Bachelor’s Degree in athletic training or [...]


Tuberculosis, often called TBC, is chronic bacterial infection that can spread through lymph nodes and bloodstream to any human organ, but generally it catches lungs. An active bacterium corrodes a tissue of the infected organs which can be deadly. After entering the organism, microorganisms stay inactive which means that with therapy, most infected people never [...]


What are organs? Organs are collections of tissues that are joined in a structural unit with purpose of serving a common function. They are consisted of a main tissue which is called parenchzma and sporadic tissues, that are called stroma. For a specific organ, the main tissue is the one that is unique fo the [...]

Journey Inside the Human Body

Modern medicine knows many methods with which to explore the human body. Over time they have developed sophisticated machines that take pictures inside the human body, giving us incredible images of certain organs, sometimes in 3D format. Depending on the area of medicine using the different methods by which we understand the overall picture of [...]

Regeneration of human organs

Medicine is faced with the new challenge, to understand the regeneration of human organs, spontaneous and supported by technology. This challenge has been the focus of modern medicine, and many developed countries adjust their strategic plans focusing to a new form of treatment, regeneration. Spontaneous regeneration of complex vital organs – heart, lungs, limbs, it [...]

Useful Human Organs

  The human  organs , which have long time been considered unnecessary because of their inaction, have appeared vital for survival in extreme conditions. Teachers still explain at schools that vestigial organs are body structures considered to have been useful in ancestral species but are slowly being phased out in modern animals. Examples of vestigial [...]

Replacing Human Organs with 3D Printer


  Did you ever think about what if your desktop printer used living cells instead of inkjet droplets? What would happened then, what would you print? The answer would be body parts, human organs, to change the irreparably damaged ones that you or your loved ones may have. It would be a great, right? A [...]