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Liver cancer

Liver is a human organ that has huge importance. Its responsible fur functions crucial to life. It is one of the largest organs and certainly the heaviest. Liver constantly filters the blood that circles the body. It changes nutrition ingredients and medicine absorbed in digestive tract into chemical substance ready to usage. Liver also eliminates [...]


Alternative medicine sees health as a balance between different systems in human body, mental, emotional and spiritual, physical as well. All aspects are interconnected – it’s a principle called holism which means state of wholeness or completeness. It’s considered that every dissonance presents stress for organism and can lead to illness. In illness prevention, alternative [...]


What are organs? Organs are collections of tissues that are joined in a structural unit with purpose of serving a common function. They are consisted of a main tissue which is called parenchzma and sporadic tissues, that are called stroma. For a specific organ, the main tissue is the one that is unique fo the [...]

Alphabet of Human Bones

The human bones are primary reinforcement of the human body. In total the human body has 206 bones, their main function are to support the body’s structure. Latin Os, all the bones in the human body form the human skeleton and muscles along with creating a system for moving bodies. The skeleton of a human [...]

Human Digestive System

Digestion is the process  that helps humans to survive,because it produces energy for life,but also creates some waste that needs to be eliminated from the humans body. Human digestive system starts at the mouth and ends at the anus. It is made up of a  of muscles that coordinate the movement of food and other [...]