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Male Reproductive Organs and Functions

Last time we emphasized the importance of knowing everything about human reproductive system. Previously we focused on female reproductive system and now it is to deal with the facts about male reproductive organs and functions. The human male reproductive system consists of a number of sex organs that are, unlike the female, located mostly externally, [...]


Alternative medicine sees health as a balance between different systems in human body, mental, emotional and spiritual, physical as well. All aspects are interconnected – it’s a principle called holism which means state of wholeness or completeness. It’s considered that every dissonance presents stress for organism and can lead to illness. In illness prevention, alternative [...]


What are organs? Organs are collections of tissues that are joined in a structural unit with purpose of serving a common function. They are consisted of a main tissue which is called parenchzma and sporadic tissues, that are called stroma. For a specific organ, the main tissue is the one that is unique fo the [...]

Useful Human Organs

  The human  organs , which have long time been considered unnecessary because of their inaction, have appeared vital for survival in extreme conditions. Teachers still explain at schools that vestigial organs are body structures considered to have been useful in ancestral species but are slowly being phased out in modern animals. Examples of vestigial [...]