The Human Body – Miracle of Nature

We are all heard about the world’s largest natural wonders. What actually is the greatest miracle of nature? Answer is the human body. Our body is a perfect blend of muscle, tissue, bones, cells that give people superiority over other living world.

The human body is the most perfect mechanism. Each and every atom in it has its own function complementing of other elements. If you serious percentile to observe how your body works you will find that none of the machines designed by humans not so perfect. Whether you believe that God created us or we evolved from apes, you can not deny that the complexity of the human body is what allows us to be on top of the food chain.


Over time so much has been discovered about the human body and through many studies  were determine some facts that seem unbelievable. The following is a list of the most interesting facts about our bodies.

When laughter is used 17 muscles to frown and 43 muscles even

A man loses a day to 100 strands of hair, than the average how many there are 100,000 head

Loss of one eye man loses only 1 / 5 of vision

The human body has:

- Iron sufficient to produce a nail of 8 cm,

- Enough sulfur to kill all fleas on an average dog

- Enough carbon to produce 900 pencils

- Fat enough to produce seven soaps

- Enough phosphorus to produce 2.200 matches

The human body has over 600 muscles that make up 40% of the total weight of the man.

The human brain consists of 85% water

Every minute in the human body expires 300 million cells

The nervous system of adult total debt is over 70 kilometers

The average person in their lifetime produce enough saliva to fill two Olympic swimming pools

Each person has a unique fingerprint on your thumb hand

Fingerprint is formed by the three-month fetus

Brad has grown to over 10 meters in a man who never in his life would not have shaved

Every hour is the average human body peel 600,000 pieces of dried skin -- during the life of the average total weight over 50 pounds

Most men have erections every hour during sleep

The sound produced by snoring can reach up to 70 decibels, the equivalent volume of pneumatic hammers

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